Why use Boniti? 
Here at Boniti, we pride ourselves on our personal customer service and expert know-how. When you visit our showroom, you will receive excellent help and friendly advice. What we can offer is endless, allowing customers to fill their homes with their individual, unique styles. We have created a great support network and we’re always available to offer guidance throughout your project. 
Do I need to make an appointment to visit your showroom? 
We would advise making an appointment prior to your visit to ensure that you are not disappointed and receive the correct advice.  
We are eager to assist you in sourcing the perfect materials for your project. This also means if you are looking for something in particular, we can prepare items ahead of time for you. 
Does Boniti offer a fitting service? 
Yes we do! From small installations to larger projects, we are on hand to step every step of the way. We have worked with our fitters for many years, meaning they have great knowledge of our products and we have complete faith in them. 
Whether your project is residential to commercial, please get in touch to see how we can help.  
I've placed my order and need to amend it - can I do this? 
We are happy to amend orders for you, but we cannot do so if your order has already been dispatched for delivery. Please give us a a call as soon as you are aware of any ammendments that need to be made to your order.  
What payment methods do you accept? 
Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer. Our bank details can be found on your Sales Order.  
Do you keep any stock at Boniti? 
Limited stock is kept at Boniti. Please give us a call to find out if we have something available prior to your visit.  
Unfortunately we do not keep any flooring stock at our showrooms. 
What are you terms and conditions? 
To view our terms and conditions, please click here. 
Can Boniti offer any discounts on my order? 
Our goal at Boniti is to always give our customers the finest products for the best prices, so we constantly look to beat RRPs and other competitive quotes. If you have received a quote you would like us to match then please just give us a call. We also offer competitive trade discounts to industry professionals, so please get in touch to find out how we can help with sourcing your project. 

Natural Stone 

Will the stone have variation? 
Natural stone is inherent with markings and variation, and each one has it’s own unique traits. Common types of variation include colour, fissures, quartz, veining, and ore patches. It’s important to make your tiler/fitter aware of the variation in the product so they can incorporate it into the application. 
How much should I order? 
Please keep in mind that if you need to order a few extra tiles after being short, you will still need to pay the full pallet price for delivery. 
What is the lead time? 
For stocked items, we can usually get your products to you between 3-5 working days. 
For unstocked or imported items, we will make you aware of the lead time at your point of enquiry. 
How is the stone delivered? 
Delivery will be made by a 26 ton lorry which is approx. 13m in length. It is your responsibility to let us know if access leading up to your property does not allow for this size lorry. A smaller 7.5 ton lorry can be arranged if requested before delivery is booked. Depending on the weights of the pallets, this may incur extra charges and multiple deliveries. Delivery will be made by a tail-lift lorry with a pallet truck, which will deliver the goods in a pallet to the nearest flat, hard standing surface. Please note, the driver is not obliged to unpack or move any goods once the pallets have been placed. Delivery cannot be made on unstable surfaces such as gravel, or on an incline. If either of these apply to you, it is your responsibility to inform us so alternative delivery plans can be arranged – this will most likely incur extra charges. If the goods cannot be signed for, or delivery cannot be made due to access issues we were not informed about, delivery will not be made and re-delivery charge will apply. 
What if I have any breakages? 
If the damaged quantity is less than 10% of your order, this will be considered as wastage and will not be replaced. 
How do I store my stone tiles? 
Once your stone tiles have been delivered, you will need to store them safely until they can be laid. If you are unable to store them internally, please ensure that the tiles are sufficiently protected from the weather. Wet tiles will need to dry out prior to laying. 
Am I able to return tiles? 
Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns. We encourage all of our customers to check their orders thoroughly before proceeding. 
We also encourage customers to keep spare tiles for the future. 
Will I need to seal my stone? 
After a few years you should consider resealing your floor to keep it looking fresh. This is completely dependent on how much wear the floor has received and can only be judged by you. There are companies that offer a cleaning service that involves stripping back the floor and resealing it for you, who we can recommend. 
How do I clean my stone floor? 
For daily maintenance, we recommend lightly sweeping or microfiber mopping. For deeper cleans, specific stone cleaners such as LTP Waxwash or Lithofin Easy Clean, which are gentle cleaners specially formulated to clean delicate surfaces. Should you have any problems with your floor, please give us a call for advice. Intensive cleaners are available for deep stains and we can suggest the best one for you. 


What is engineered wood? 
Engineered wood is not to be confused with laminate- a laminate floor is made from plastic and designed to look like wood, whereas engineered wood is a 100% natural product. 
Engineered wood is constructed to be less susceptible to movement from moisture or heat and is therefore recommended for use with underfloor heating. The product will be comprised of a top oak layer, also known as the wear layer, and a layered ply backing. The top layer is is high quality decorative wood such as European Oak, Walnut Maple, Jatoba and others, whereas the backing will be a widely available sustainable type such as Birch, Pine or Eucalyptus. 
What is solid wood? 
Solid wood is a traditional wood product made from a single wood type all the way through. Some customers like solid floors because the small gaps you get between them give the floor a real feel. They also like the idea of having a 20mm thick board that can be re-sanded and sealed for years and years to come. Solid floors are not suitable for underfloor heating. 
What is a fumed finish? 
Fuming is the process where timber products are subjected to chemicals in order to change the colour. Fuming responds to the natural tannins of Oak, meaning each individual piece of oak will react different. This in turn gives you a selection of tones which will be visible once the floor has been laid. The colour and shade will vary between batches. Oak may contain sapwood which will not change colour when fumed and remains clearly visible in the finished product. 
Please note that fumed products are expected to oxidise, meaning they will warm up in tone once they have been laid for a period of time. 
What is a distressed finish? 
Distressed timber products have been put into a tumbling machine with chains and nuts. This provides a natural aged effect to the board which affects the edges as well as the surface. This process is based on time durations and is purely random. As such, some tongues and grooves and corners can sustain more damage than other parts of the board. This is completely normal and does not affect the installation of the product. Your fitter will need to be aware that this is your chosen finish as grooves may need to be opened up, or part of the tongues to be cut off with a sharp knife. 
Will the timber have variation? 
Timber flooring is derived from natural products and are therefore inherit with variation and markings. It is important to note that different woods will contain different amounts of tannins, which will affect the final appearance. All boards supplied by Boniti comply with industry standards. Common variable traits are knots, sapwood, and medullary rays. Often boards will be distressed as part of the finish- this is a purely random process which will affect the surface and edges of the board. Sometimes tongues and grooves can also be damaged as part of this process which is completely unavoidable. Either the groove needs to be opened up, or that part of the tongue needs to be cut off with a sharp knife – this is perfectly normal. 
How much should I order? 
When ordering your timber, please be sure of your measurements and confirm them with your fitter. We can provide estimates based on floor plans, but we will not take responsibility for miscalculations. We recommend ordering 10% extra to allow for cutting, minor imperfections, breakages, and natural variation. 
Please note that if you need to order a few planks as you are short, you will need to pay a full pallet delivery charge. 
How should I store my timber flooring? 
Your timber boards arrive with industry standard 10% moisture content after being kiln dried. Boniti recommends allowing up to a week for the boards to acclimatise in their packs, or at least 48hrs minimum. Place them in the room that they are to be installed in and ensure all wet trades have finished and the screed is suitably dry. House conditions need to be RH 40-65% and maximum surface temperature of oak should never exceed 27 degrees. If the order is for more than one room the delivery should be broken down into the individual room quantities and stored in the respective rooms. 
How should I look after my timber floor once it's installed? 
For everyday cleaning, we recommend light hovering or brushing. This should pick up loose dirt and dust. Dry micro-fibre mops can also be used for daily cleaning as they pick up dirt sufficiently. For marks, try a gentle mop the floor by wringing the mop out completely and using only water. Be aware that if you have used products containing ammonia with your mop before, there is a possibility that it may transfer to your floor and affect the finish. For this reason, we suggest using or purchasing a separate mop for your floor. For stronger cleaning, more specific cleaners are available and Boniti can help find the right one for you. 

Everhot Range Cookers 

How does an Everhot compare to an AGA or Rayburn? 
The running costs of an Everhot are incredibly efficient, with most models costing between £12-£14 per week. 
What sort of power supply does an Everhot need? 
An Everhot will run off a standard 13-amp supply, and was the first range cooker to ever do so. Induction models will require 2 plugs whereas the 60, 90+, 100+ and 110+ only require one. Everhots cannot be hardwired. 
When the 2/3 oven models are used at the recommended cooking temperatures, they will consume around 85 units of power per week. 
Will an Everhot need annual servicing? 
An Everhot does not require any annual servicing, saving you significant costs over the lifetime of the product. 
How do I order an Everhot? 
The first step is to give us a call or send an ermail to your closest showroom. We can then send back our Everhot Order Pack which must be filled in to proceed. This asks about the details of the cooker you would like and then also about access to the property for delivery.  
Do I need to leave a gap between my units and the Everhot? 
We recommend leaving a gap of 5mm either side of the Everhot. If you have solid wood worktops, you may wish to double this as the constant heat into the end grain of the wood can cause movement. 
What is the lead time? 
The lead time for Everhots is ever changing, please give us a call for the most up to date lead time. Each Everhot is built to order and none are kept in stock.  
What sort of guarantee is offered with an Everhot? 
Everhots come with a parts and labour warranty for 24 months after purchase, with the elements being covered for 5 years (parts and labour). 
I have bad access - will the Everhot fit?  
If you are unsure as to whether an Everhot can be installed into your property, please send us pictures and/or a video so we can pass them on to Everhot for analysis. If they determine that you are unable to accept a standard delivery, then they may offer you the build on site option. Please note that this option will increase the cost and may increase lead time.  

Porcelain Tiles 

How do I clean porcelain tiles? 
Porcelain tiles are fantastic to maintain due to their non-porous properties. Simply maintain them with brushing and mopping. 
Can I order a box of tiles before I go through with my order? 
We can offer samples for free which are typically 10x10cm, or in some cases slightly larger. 
Do porcelain tiles have different slip ratings? 
Because porcelain tiles are man made, the texture can often be produced for an anti-slip effect. Some porcelain tiles are only available in one slip rating, whereas others are available in two (indoor and outdoor). 
Can you provide porcelain tiles for cladding? 
We offer a range of porcelain tiles which are perfect for cladding. It comes in a range of thicknesses, the thinnest being just 3mm thick. Whether you’re cladding a building or a desk, there are sizes to suit all. 
Do I need to seal these tiles? 
Due to porcelain tiles construction, there is no need to seal them. Porcelain sealers are available, but it is not a necessary requirement for installation. 


What sort of bespoke work do you do? 
Our stone masons can fabricate whatever you need, from vanity units to bullnosed copings. With a long list of materials available, getting the right product for you is simple and easy. 
How do I go ahead with bespoke stone work? 
If you have a material in mind then let us know, if not we can go through the options with you based on your taste and budget. 
Once the material is chosen, we will then need a template of the piece you would like created. In some situations we can provide someone to template for you, but this service will have a small cost with it. For straight forward work, a drawing with all dimensions will be accepted. 
Are timber motifs available? 
Absolutely! There is a selection of intricate designs available which we are happy to go through with you. If you have something special in mind, let us know so we can see what we can do. 
I would like a stone floor with cabochons- can you do this? 
This is a very popular finish among our customers and can certainly do this for you. Just let us know your choice of materials and whether you would like pentagons (one corner clipped per main tile) or octagons (all four corners clipped). 
Can you provide skirting to match my stone and timber floor? 
In most cases we can do this for you with ease. In situations where it is slightly more complex, we can recommend products to match your chosen floor. 
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