Primerfast 500 12kg 

PRYMERFAST is a single-component polyurethane primer with very low emissions of volatile organic compounds. PRYMERFAST is recommended as anti-dust, superficial consolidate treatment and Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) on cement subfloors. PRYMERFAST is recommended as anti-dust treatment on anhydrite and heated-subfloors. CERTIFIED EC1. 
PRYMERFAST can contribute to the achievement of QI CREDIT 4.1 according to the parameters of the GEV dated 03 March 2009, because it meets the certification LEED protocol (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). 
Single Component 
Low emmisions 
Suitable for underfloor heating 
Mixture Ratio: single component 
Application temperature: +10°C ÷ +25°C 
Application: roller 6/8mm /brush 
Thinning (if necessary): DILUENTE DMC 50 
Coverage: 120-140 g/m2 depending on the foundation 
Hardening: 45'-50' 
Specific weight: 1,19kg 
Storage stability: 9 months 
Packaging: 6kg, 12kg 
Clean the subfloor to be treated by eliminating totally any trace of oil, grease, wax, or paint spots. The subfloor must be free from cracks. Apply one coat of PRYMERFAST with an 6/8 mm roller or a 3x13cm or 4x14cm flat brush in a quantity of approximately 120-150 g/m2 in a regular, uniform way, creating a thin film and avoiding any pooling that could compromise the drying time and the hardening of reactive resins adhesives. The following bonding must be performed after 45-50 minutes and within 24 hours using only reactive adhesives, such as MS FLEX ADHESIVE and MS FLEX MAXI (see relative technical data sheets). Prior to the application of levelling compounds or in case the bonding is performed after 24 hours from the last coat, scatter the whole surface with quartz (0.8 mm ÷ 1.2 mm) on primer still wet. After complete curing, vacuum to remove any loose quartz. When the bonding is done after 24 hours and no quartz has been used, sand the surface with mono-disc machine using 36-40 grit sanding paper. 
Do not pour left over product back into the original package. 
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