Adesiv WB Mono MS 15kg 

WB Mono is a monocomponent silane adhesive, specifically designed for gluing small-size multi-layer or solid wood pre-finished floors on concrete subfloors or nonabsorbent flooring (marble tiles, terrazzo flooring and wood substrates). If applied evenly on the installation surface, WB MONO MS/LE creates a waterproof barrier that helps to prevent rising damp from cement-based subfloors. 
100% MS Technology 
Ideal for gluing small-size multilayer or solid wood pre-finished floors 
Easy to clean 
Free from isocyanate and amines 
Complies with ISO 17178: elastic 
Yield: 900 - 1.200 gr/m2 
Open time: 50 - 60 min. 
Ready for foot traffic: 12 - 18 hours 
Final hardening: 48 - 72 hours 
Do not apply at temperatures below 10 °C, otherwise optimal results may not be achieved and drying times may vary. The product is ready for use. Apply WB MONO MS/LE evenly to the surface using a toothed spatula and lay the parquet using appropriate pressure. It is advisable to remove any glue residue using a cloth when the product is still wet. 
Always use suitable personal protective equipment. 
Always consult the product's technical and safety information sheets before use. 
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